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We Love Harry Potter! [entries|friends|calendar]
We Love Harry Potter!

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^_^ [14 Jul 2003|09:00pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

This is a fanfic I read when I was waiting ever so patiently for the 5th book to come out.

Cassandra Claire's Draco Trilogy

Pretty great stuff.

Something you all can read while waiting for the 6th book. ^_~

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Hallo! [14 Jul 2003|07:10pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hiiii! I've just joined. ^^ I was introduced by *makes hand motion* Tiringil. ^_^

I finally finished rereading the 5th book. ^^ I caught a lot of parts that I had missed the first time through. ^_^;;

Ah! I agree! Sirius can't be dead! I mean... it's Sirius! The one we all love! <3<3<3

He'll probably return in the 7th book. Somehow... *is stubborn* Hmph.

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yay (im new) [14 Jul 2003|04:16pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I just finished the 5th book. It took my ten days to finish. I loved it! It was great. But that Umbridge lady was a real prick!

I dont really like Cho much, she reallys bugs me the way shes so emotional, and i can understand why she is, but i feel bad for harry. I think its stupid the way she wouldnt let him explain that he just wanted to see Hermione for an interview, but i also think Harry shouldve not been so oblivious for realizing that it would make her jealous unless he explained.

I hope Sirius isnt gone forever! I mean how could he be? I want to read the next book!!

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Hi! [14 Jul 2003|03:49pm]
Yeah, I guess I'm new...and I guess most of you are reviewers? Well, I only know Tiringil I think...anyways, for my first post I will...tell you who I like the best in HP!

Cho Chang: She's a lot like me...personality wise. Oh my, that sounds horrible. Yes she is an emotional, whiney, love-sick girl, but so am I...just not to that extent! I think she's great, and Harry thought she was perfect...but then he learned that she had flaws. This is great, because they usually don't portray the "Perfect Girl" as having such a big flaw.

Draco Malfoy: Well, I think I like him mostly because of Tom Felton. I never thought much of him in the books, but Felton just brought a new light to him. I think he's quite endearing. I bet he'd be sweet if Harry just got to know him better...XD

Well that's all for now, bye!

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[03 Jul 2003|11:50pm]

Hey, everyone. ;) I've just joined.

I gotta say my favorite new character is Luna. Anyone love her personality as much as I do? XD She's just so different and eccentric. Also, I loved her "They aren't gone" speech at the end. It was cute.

My least favorite character in this book has to be Umbridge. It was just cruel of her to make students slice their own hands. *shudder* Very scary.
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*reponses* [30 Jun 2003|07:14pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Buffy - Second would have to be Harry just cause..he's Harry. Though in the 5th book he does tend to get on my nerves a bit with his "I need anger management" crud.
I wouldn't really say that about Harry...I think he had every reason to be angry. If I were him, I would think my best friends would at least give a hint as to what is going on. (YES! I know they weren't allowed, and "Dumbledore said so") but thats not the point! Harry has had a harder life than most of the characters in the Harry Potter series would only dream of. (Which is probably why it's about Harry ^_~) I think he's dealt very well with most of the things he's come up against, but still the fact remains that everyone needs to vent a little...and Harry just choose to take it out on Ron (go Harry! XD) and Hermione (maybe thats why it annoyed you? ^^;) Poor kid...wonder how bad it will be in book six after what happened...

Megumi -- Lupin the only good DADA teacher?
*gasp* how dare you! *bounces Megumi's head* XD

Yes, Barty Jr. was a good teacher...but he's insane. Not exactly "qualified" either, wouldn't you say? I mean...I'm sure *ALL* parents want their children under Imperio...no, really

Lockhart would have made a better Charms teacher...or maybe they should make a "memory charm" class. XD

Umbridge should go and die. I hope she does. She hurt Harry! >.< Screw the "High Inquisitor" (haha...no spolier...if you haven't read book five...congrats...your confused)

Quirell, well, yes...I suppose you have a point there. We didn't see how he taught...but if he taught anything like he talked (faking it or not) then I wouldn't be to impressed...

Well...I can't talk for you, Megu...but I still think Lupin was the best...*NOT* because he is my favorite character, but because I think his method (of those we saw) was the best.

Megumi *grins* I do think your indepth look at the DADA teachers was good, it did help me to think a bit more ^_~ Kudos to you.

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Lupin the only good DADA teacher? [29 Jun 2003|07:51pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

hmmm. I remember Dani telling me awhile ago how Lupin was the only good DADA teacher, and also she posted it awhile ago in one of the previous posts. But... is that really true? Yes, we all know that Lupin was an excellent DADA teacher and that we cannot count Prof. Moody because he was in a trunk... but you CAN count Barty Jr. afterall. He was an excellent DADA teacher as well in my opinion.

Professor Lockhart was the one of the worst DADA teachers. He didn't teach, and his "lessons" were pathetic. Well, at least he TRIED. Coming to...

Professor Umbridge. She's not a qualified DADA teacher. The End.

What about Professor Quirrell? The first story did not cover any of his lessons. Really, we cannot say that he was a good or bad DADA teacher. One of my friends said that he should be a bad teacher because he was evil. I think the opposite. A lot of the material in DADA are counter jinxes, which can be helpful to fight your enemies. For example, the death eaters needed to know counter jinxes and spells to fight Harry. Also, Barty Jr. was evil, but he was an excellent teacher.
We really do not know if he was a teacher the years before Harry was there. He could have been before Voldemort convinced Quirrell to help him.

My few cents. =)

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Favorite Character [28 Jun 2003|05:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

My favorite character would have to be Hermione!

She's smart, pretty, and can do almost everything.

I think put in the same situations Harry was, she would do *VERY* well. She is very experienced for her age and gets all great marks in her classes.

Second would have to be Harry just cause..he's Harry. Though in the 5th book he does tend to get on my nerves a bit with his "I need anger management" crud.

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not [28 Jun 2003|05:29pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Ohh! It was *not* at all what I expected. First...I thought Lupin would teach DADA again...and I never thought the person who died would be...the person who died ^^; The book was just as good as I hoped it would be, though ^_^ I just hope Remus doesn't die in one of the next two books >.< *shifty looks* He *can't* die...or the only favorite characters I'll have left will be Harry, Draco, and Snape --;...oh well ^_^

Who is everyone favorite character? (hint...that means #1) Just wondering ^^

As you can see, mine is Remus. XD I think he's smart, funny, and the only *smart* DADA teacher yet (Moody doesn't count...he was in a trunk XD)

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Hi ^_^ [28 Jun 2003|05:25pm]

X_x; I just stopped in to say hello ^_^ I'll post again when I think of something HP related that does not contain my current favorite spoiler. ^_^
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So... [28 Jun 2003|05:03pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

What does everyone think of the new Harry Potter book?

Love it? Liked it? Not what you expected?

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WEE! [28 Jun 2003|05:03pm]

I've joined!!!

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Hi! [28 Jun 2003|04:59pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Welcome to the We Love Harry Potter community.

I hope you enjoy your stay here ^_^

Post anything you'd like. But remember, spoilers, LJ cut.

Thanks ^_^

Tell all your HP friends about us.

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[28 Jun 2003|04:57pm]

[ mood | hyper ]


>D I love you Buffy and Dani.

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