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The third movie...

Hi ^_^ I've just joined...but I noticed you guys are kinda dying out...*sigh* ah, well...I'll post anyway.

What are your thoughts on the third movie so far, from what you've seen in the trailers and the posters and such? I know we can't actually get into the plot and how they worked that out, but I was talking more along the lines of what we've seen.

Professor Lupin: I can't believe what they did to him! He looks so...so...wrong! It's not at all how I pictured him...he looks kinda creepy in a 'I'm-evil-and-gonna-get-you-sort-of-way' ;_; I mean, others may have pictured him looking like that, but I didn't. I pictured him more in the 'I'm-super-adorable-and-cuddly-despite-I'm-a-Werewolf' sort of way, if you get my drift. Oh well...to late to change it now.

Sirius: Sirius looks just like I thought he would, from what I've seen they have the look down pretty well. My friend Caitie said he looked too creepy, but I don't think so.

Draco: I have only one thing to say - thank god they god rid of the hair gel! He looks so much cuter with his hair down.

Muggle Cloths vs. Uniforms: I wish they had stuck with uniforms, I thought they gave the movie a certain flare...they don't even have the robes from what I've seen! Ugh...*cries* I loved those uniforms...

The Snape Boggart: Poor Alan...I felt bad for him, but the image of him in a dress was hilarious ^_^

Dumbledore: Does anyone else get the idea that Dumbledore looks like a hippie?

Ugh...I must go, my mother is yelling at me. Chow.
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