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the order of the phoenix

ahh where to start?

i LOVED this book. i think book 3 will always be my favorite, in my heart of hearts, but who knows... 5 is giving 3 a run for its money. and who knows how 6 and 7 will turn out?! =)

i absolutely loved how harry was growing up in this book. he had a little attitude. some people might've been annoyed with him, but really, you knew where he was coming from. couldn't you just put yourself in his shoes? wouldn't you be as upset? anyways, i really loved him. i want to take him home with me. =)

umbridge needed to go to hell and die. i almost cried when harry had detention and everything he wrote was cut into his hand. at first i thought it was a charm kind of thing, but then it started bleeding and left a slight scar! i couldn't believe that! oh, and if i were mcgonagall, there's no way i could've been that calm, cool and collected around umbridge. i'm proud of her for being so cordial, but part of me wanted to see her whoop some ass. =)

i loved how jk wrote about harry and cho. it was awesome. hehe, reading harry's thoughts, like when they went on their date in hogsmeade. wanting to reach for her hand, wondering if she wanted him to, when she moved his hand he reached for the sugar bowl to play it off. so cute. i'm immensely depressed that harry and cho don't look like their going to happen. of course, who knows what might happen, so i'm going to hold out my hope for it!

it did kind of tick me off that there wasn't much of a resolution to harry and cho. there was all that fighting at the ministry, and then suddenly on the hogwarts express, cho walks by and harry just isn't interested anymore. 'things were different' after that, was basically all that was said about it, right? i want to know *what changed*

i don't know why, but i wasn't that upset about sirius dying. and of everyone it could've been, i love him the most, probably mainly because i picture him to be this really good looking guy. ;) but it all happened so fast that it was hard to even realize it had happened. after the fact, when harry started thinking about, then i started to cry. =( sirius was like a last remaining connection to his parents. and now he's gone. (although, was anyone else intrigued about luna and the voices behind the thing {can't remember what it was called}) i kinda wanted arthur weasley to die, just to get it over with. i was so consumed by 'the death' through the whole book, just waiting for it to happen. but i'm glad it wasn't arthur, he cracks me up. =)

i love snape now more than ever, if that's possible. poor severus getting picked on. =(

flaw? or no? i've discussed this with other people. my dad thinks harry should've seen the thestrals before book 5. harry's mother's death and all. i think no, he can see them now because he saw cedric die. yes he was present for his mother's death, but #1, you can't prove he actually *saw* it, and #2, he was just a baby, there's no way he'd remember it, and in fact, we know that he *doesn't* remember it, because when aunt petunia said his parents died in a car crash, he believed that was true.

i guess that's about it from me for now. if i think of anything else later, i shall post again!
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